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AirportVisions developes software tools for strategic airport planning. Our products are intended to support airport planners and managers in preparing and presenting their decisions on strategic and tactical airport expansions.

New Animator Version 3.2.0



  • First version (beta) of data visualisation from AirTOp simulations 
  • Towtractor representation for pushback and towing
  • Calculation of real-time shadow of the entire scene
  • Improved sun representation (light scattering)

New DirectX 9 version ready

After several test the DirectX 9 version runs very well! At the same time the Scenery-Constructor was fully integrated. This allows for fast model building, even during the animation.
Current Version: 3.1.0

Start of development as DirectX 9 version

This  will result in new CyViation Animator features like:

  • B3D, X, FBX, MS3D, 3DS loaders of "User Objects"
  • Pixel and vertex shader
  • Realtime shadows
  • Hardware accelerated skinned object animations
  • Physics hardware acceleration
  • ...and a lot more...
  • The contact address changed to:

    AirportVisions GmbH & Co. KG
    Osterlinder Str. 29
    38228 Salzgitter


    Phone: +49 5341 8768599
    FAX: +49 5341 8768526
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