CyViation Animator


Application area

  • 3D animation of airport’s air-side traffic
  • Representation of the results of well known Fast Time Simulation models (SIMMODTM, AirTOp) as well as real data (for example, from ASTERIX System)
  • Highlight of presentations and other marketing activities


System requirements

  • Multimedia PC or Notebook (minimum 1000 MHz)
  • 3D accelerated graphics card with memory of 128MB


System recommendations

  • Multimedia PC (2.5 GHz) or state-of-the-art Notebook with Windows 10
  • 3D accelerated graphics card with memory of 512MB



  • Representation of dynamic (aircraft) and static (buildings, terminals) objects
  • Fast and easy creation and adjustment of individual airport sceneries with lighting and weather
  • Possibility of modelling the ground level
  • Simple installation and intuitive user interface
  • integrated recording of user-defined videos (several codecs available)
  • PostgreSQL database support as interface to real data



  • Single-user license: 5950.00 EUR (excl. VAT)
    • Included in delivery:
      • USB-Dongle
      • Setup with sample applications
      • 10 hours support
      • Shipping to all destinations
    • Additional services (prices on request):
      • Adjustment of simulation files
      • Creation of aircraft models, buildings or special objects
      • Image editing for implementation of ground textures


SIMMODTM is a registered trademark of the ATAC Corporation 755 N. Mathilda Avenue, Ste 200 Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA

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