Which versions of the Simmod engine are supported by CyViation Animator?

The software always supports the latest ATAC engine version. Simulation runs with the Eurocontrol engine or the engine used in JSimmod by AirportTools have not yet been tested.

Which files does the Animator need for pre-processing?

In order to create the animation data the software needs the following files to be stored at the "simulation" directory of your Simmod application:
SIMU01 (aircraft)
SIMU03 (airspace)
SIMU07 (ground)
SIMU26 (history)
(SIMU04 for version info only)
NOTE: Make sure that trace 302 ("OUT_HISTORY") is enabled at SIMU09 before start of simulation. Otherwise SIMU26 file will not be written.

What happens if I try to animate simulation runs having more than one iteration?

Regardless of the value you entered in the "number of simulation replications" the Animator only uses data of the first iteration.

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